Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k

With what, magic?

maybe some coating/insulation that uses a very low voltage. I’m not the engineer. Just stating that it would be beneficial for them to look into a way to preserve the battery in the cold. Let’s say the device they make uses about 5 miles worth of batter vs losing a possible 25-50 miles. Even if it was 5 miles for 15 mile savings… It’s a start towards the right direction.

at $60 for 300 miles (US converted) per tank of gas in my Supercharged M3 I constantly think about how pretty much every Tesla can pump me anyways for basically free (fuel costs).

but the sticker price on even a P85D up here is still nuts at $70kish (CDN) with 100,000km’s and 4+ years old.

It’s getting pretty close though. If they release a couple new models and you can get a solid Model S for $50k with low miles and all the performance options i think it is real consideration.

I just came back from VW’s BEV-centric dealer meeting. Amazing stuff is coming in the next 18 months. Coincidentally I got Uber’ed in a Model 3 and the owner, as well as the vehicle was terrible. The Back to the Future instrumental soundtrack was playing on repeat for the entire 15 minute ride.

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Bought a 2019 model 3 performance about a month ago. Same weekend as delivery took it to Empire for a solid 11.7 @ 113. Since then the 5% power increase has seen 11.5’s by others who are lucky enough to still have a track open. 2,000 miles later and I still love it, mashing the pedal at any speed to instantly suck you into the seat is awesome. However freezing rain is a PITA to open the doors.


Not sure how I feel about this. It’s awesome, but at the same time :thinking:

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Mods will no longer be parts but just software updates hahah

Wondering when we will see Jailbroken Tesla’s. No need to pay 2k when you can pay someone $100 to get the same results.

I mean it makes sense and people have been tuning / chipping / etc vehicles since someone figured out it was possible.

What if all vehicles sold off the lot were the base model. Then, over time (and over the air) you could upgrade as you like. So you buy the newest BMW 3 series and can upgrade it to an M3 with the tap of a button. Maybe this is the future with electric cars.

Looks like the 1/4 times are coming in.

11.86@116 is one I heard with the new s/w update

I can only imagine how much Tesla would deny you access to if you applied an update like that through a jailbreak. They’ve already played fast and loose with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and are getting sued.

But again, when you’re nothing but a charlatan like Musk this shouldn’t surprise anyone. How many jobs came out of the almost a billion dollars the state pumped into Musk’s Riverbend site?

Ol’ Musky got his money and NY is left with a $958 million investment that’s worth $75 million now. Seriously, fuck that guy.

Two years ago I turned down a job there as an engineer not because of pay, but I had to be on call 24/7 without over time.

I can work 50-60 hours a week for a salary but not 100 at 2am on a Sunday.

Wish them all the best though. I’d hate to see any business close down, lots of people supporting their families there.

EDIT - If they were to close it down, what do you think they would do with all of those solar panels/kits? Auction them off? I’d be down for some solar.

How many have they actually produced? Isn’t that the big problem, they aren’t delivering on anywhere near the amount they said they were going to make?

EDIT: I can’t find any sources that will give a number of panels produced stat. I see “capacity to make 10k/day” but nothing about what they’ve actually made. I did see an article that said they had to start making some supercharger parts there just to meet the state minimum jobs created part of the contract, which is now around 800 people. $958 million invested for 800 jobs. You could have better simulated the economy by giving a random 95,800 people in WNY $10k gift cards to local businesses than a measly 800 jobs.

I hope Musk gets run over by one of his ugly trucks.

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Not if they spend on Heroin! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Not sure if this is a good idea or not…

See, a shop in Quebec, Canada called Simon André figured out how to swap a single-motor Tesla Model 3 to a dual-motor setup, and part of doing that meant busting into the power inverter’s software to reconfigure it. Once the shop hacked its way through Tesla’s IP, it found that switching to dual motors wasn’t the only thing it could do. It could also add Tesla’s 50 horsepower Acceleration Boost without clearance from the Tesla mothership.

As we mentioned earlier, Acceleration Boost usually would set you back $2,000 – that’s one hell of an in-app purchase – but once this shop figured out how to unlock the boost itself. Now, the shop’s owner spun off a new (and likely short-lived) company called Ingenext that offers an increase of just $1,100 as the “Boost 50” upgrade.

That’s awesome. Tesla can void your warranty I’m sure but I doubt they’ll have much legal recourse beyond that. It’s very similar to jailbreaking your phone to allow it to do things Apple doesn’t want. It’s your phone, you can do what you want with it.


It’s pretty much like what VW/Audi does with tunes, possibly void warranty but make jams

I’m curious if this becomes a legal problem. I remember the guy buying a used Tesla which he was told had the boost mode. After purchasing, Tesla went and updated the system removing the boost mode on him saying he didn’t pay for it.

I’m wondering what happens if Tesla puts an update out and you already had this other company do the Boost mode for you, will your software no longer register with them? Can they swap it back if they find you didn’t pay for it but it’s active. Really curious how they code this stuff in to hide it from Tesla.