Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k

Looks like it. I mean, for someone who’s car-oriented it might be an easy fix. But for a n00b it might be perplexing.

For all the shit I hear about these online I’ve never seen one in person that looks really fucked up. :man_shrugging:

When I was working in LA we had a few X’s and S’s as benchmark vehicles and up close you can really tell the fitment of most body panels were shit, especially the gullwing doors on the X.

Fuggin rocketships though.

Track mode drift video:

With Track Mode, which is designed specifically for use on closed autocross circuits and racetracks, our goal was simple: use that same motor power and torque to make cornering on the track feel just as natural as forward acceleration.


What no one is quite saying out loud, though, is that a 1:21.49 snips a lifetime-like 1.29 seconds from Randy’s recent lap in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The new time essentially matches a 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 and even beats a former Best Driver’s Car winner, the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia (1:22.30). Until the new BMW M3 shows up, that perches the Model 3 atop the podium as the world’s quickest sport sedan—at least around this track.


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our boy Sasha did this:

Getting disqualified because the dude in the 10 year old sti was getting gaped by a EV and cried about it. Pathetic

Cars were stalling while driving through wildfires in California due to low oxygen levels, it made me wonder how a tesla would do. :slight_smile:

I saw that DQ article in Jalopnik this morning. Bullshit whiny people, and even worse bullshit handling by the governing body.

Crazy that a fairly stock EV podiumed, right? Eye opening.

Jalopnik calling @Sasha_SG a baby:

Afterward, the two drivers, Sasha Anis and Cameron Rogers, played up the disqualification: Poor babies.

I spoke to Anis briefly, who backed up the events in the video but has not responded to my requests for comment since Global Time Attack reached out. We’ll update if he or Mountain Pass Performance gets in touch.

The electric range is 220 miles, and the estimated 0-to-60 mph time is 5.6 seconds.

Note that black is the only color if you want it to cost $35,000. As in every Model 3, any exterior paint besides black will set you back an extra $1,500 (silver or blue metallic), $2,000 (pearl white) or $2,500 (red multi-coat).

For an extra $2,000, you can step up to the Standard Range Plus model. That adds an extra 20 miles of range and shaves the 0-to-60 time down to 5.3 seconds.

Well now, here’s a solution to range problems:

I am seeing Teslas more and more and also thinking about buying one more and more but still not there yet.

I won’t jump into the electric car craze until we have a 300-400 capacity and a full to 3/4 full charge in about 5 minutes. I want a vehicle that is practical for all use, not something that will inconvenience me if I have to drove a long road trip somewhere.
At $35k+ for an EV car, they are not secondary cars for all families. That price to me is a primary use vehicle.
It is nice that they are heading in the right direction but batteries still have a distance to go. Winters in Buffalo also give you a lower battery capacity due to the cold weather. Wonder if they could find a way to keep batteries warm while not reducing battery power.

With what, magic?

maybe some coating/insulation that uses a very low voltage. I’m not the engineer. Just stating that it would be beneficial for them to look into a way to preserve the battery in the cold. Let’s say the device they make uses about 5 miles worth of batter vs losing a possible 25-50 miles. Even if it was 5 miles for 15 mile savings… It’s a start towards the right direction.

at $60 for 300 miles (US converted) per tank of gas in my Supercharged M3 I constantly think about how pretty much every Tesla can pump me anyways for basically free (fuel costs).

but the sticker price on even a P85D up here is still nuts at $70kish (CDN) with 100,000km’s and 4+ years old.

It’s getting pretty close though. If they release a couple new models and you can get a solid Model S for $50k with low miles and all the performance options i think it is real consideration.

I just came back from VW’s BEV-centric dealer meeting. Amazing stuff is coming in the next 18 months. Coincidentally I got Uber’ed in a Model 3 and the owner, as well as the vehicle was terrible. The Back to the Future instrumental soundtrack was playing on repeat for the entire 15 minute ride.

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Bought a 2019 model 3 performance about a month ago. Same weekend as delivery took it to Empire for a solid 11.7 @ 113. Since then the 5% power increase has seen 11.5’s by others who are lucky enough to still have a track open. 2,000 miles later and I still love it, mashing the pedal at any speed to instantly suck you into the seat is awesome. However freezing rain is a PITA to open the doors.