Tesla Pickup Truck "Cybertruck"

I could see the troll part as this just doesn’t flow with the rest of the lineup which is very odd. You’d think it would have some resemblance of it’s current lineup.

So I’ll say that after watching a bunch of videos of the design is growing on me. At least curious now to see what makes it to market.

Looks like they tried the ball against the window before the reveal:

Surprised the internet hasn’t mentioned the lack of diversity and boobs in the shop.

I’d watch it

Pay per view event…im in.

Ha, Ford has already backed out but Tesla is going to do it anyways.


Ford’s attorneys have entered the chat


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what a time to be alive

I expected to come in here and see the video of Musk running over signs in the Cybertruck.

I’m more interested in how he’s allowed to drive it on the street in the first place! There’s gotta be some manufacturer exemption. Unless he’s just saying fuck it.

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Ya theyve gotta have something in place for manufacturer testing. I think of all the test mules out there that are run on the street by various manufacturers that get crushed after the production design is finalized.

I was wondering the same. Would the headlights and taillights meet DOT specs? Doesn’t look like the headlights would at least.

I’m pretty sure they get a pre production tag that exempts them from dot/emissions regulations.

I never seem to understand why companies continue to make concepts without the proper design on them to pass DOT. Why not just make it right the first time.

Because it wouldn’t look nearly as cool and then wouldn’t generate nearly as much interest.

To be clear, I still think the cybertruck is an ugly pile of shit. I’m just saying most concept cars have things that will never make it to final production simply to make them stand out more.