Tesla Pickup Truck "Cybertruck"

Fired? The broken window was marketing genius in 2019. Someone’s getting a holiday bonus.

I love everything except the styling. SS body panels is genius for a truck.

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Honest, if they could make the roof flat and instead of a sloped back, just drop it straight down, then a flat pickup bed, the wedge could still work.
If this does get produced it will definitely need some redesigning either way due to the headlights/tail lights not being in compliance with DOT.

I never thought of it because the whole thing is bonkers, but there are the wiper blades?

The glass design probably allows water to just run off it… kind of like the windows were shatter proof.

Either that or they worked out a deal with rain-x.

And what about side mirrors?

And how exactly do those headlights work… what’s that beam pattern like?

Clearly a lot of changes will be needed before its a true consumer product.

i see lots of people saying he is trolling everyone, which would be amazing.

however, Elon clearly knows better than any of us about everything so i think it is also a possibility that everyone has been wrong about what a truck is supposed to look like and we all just need to change now.

I could see the troll part as this just doesn’t flow with the rest of the lineup which is very odd. You’d think it would have some resemblance of it’s current lineup.

So I’ll say that after watching a bunch of videos of the design is growing on me. At least curious now to see what makes it to market.

Looks like they tried the ball against the window before the reveal:

Surprised the internet hasn’t mentioned the lack of diversity and boobs in the shop.

I’d watch it

Pay per view event…im in.

Ha, Ford has already backed out but Tesla is going to do it anyways.


Ford’s attorneys have entered the chat