The Grand Tour

I think Top Gear in general is going to be in a really tough spot now. They got by with a bad but not fatal drop in ratings last year because TGT didn’t exist. The ratings will be even worse now that TGT is on track to prove itself the true Top Gear.

3rd episode was better than the 2nd. Waiting for the jetski episode :tup:

3rd was better but pretty meh overall. The jokes with the Hellcat got old fast. They really need a challenge with some junker cars soon.

Season 2:



Nice :tup:


6 months til season 3!

This reminds me I need to finish season 2!

You’re telling me you started Fastest Car before finishing GT season 2??

lol, after reading this thread I went to Amazon to look. Turns out I HAD finished the season… I just didn’t remember it!

My faith is restored, phew! That being said, I have enjoyed the first few episodes so far of fastest car. It’s been enough to fill that void for me.

Season 3:

I see some cheap car/truck road trips which are always Top Gear at it’s best IMO. Super excited.

This past episode…

I’m not crying, you’re crying…

I’ve been hearing that it’s quite emotional… probably going to watch tomorrow just before GOT.

yep just finished and completely crying.