The official parking lot assholes thread


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What are the chances they parked before the snow melted and revealed the parking space lines?

Exactly what I was thinking.

Seems like everyone else got it inside the lines? :man_shrugging:t3:

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It’s actually over 4 spaces, but hard to tell from the pic because the cars behind it still parked. You can see how much room they had to give up though.

Pour House in Hamburg. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were smashed when they parked.

image image

Am I missing something in the first photo? Are they parked in a handicap spot? Not the second one. If so, was there a sign like the 2nd photo below it?

First photo if you look closely there are blue markings, most likely handicap, I imagine they are parked on. Sent in by another fine donor.

I am the anonymous donor that have been sending Mike the douchebag parking pictures. The red Chevy Tracker is parked in a handicap spot. Look close and you’ll see the blue handicap symbol…if you notice the Ford c-max next to the red Tracker. The Ford is parked on yellow hashed area. That section is for handicap vans that have wheel chair ramps in the side.

I mean, I see why but still…


∆ I cropped out the line by accident, Jeep is parked over the yellow line into the other space

This guy watched me take a picture of his car

That looks like one asshole caused a chain reaction of assholes and he’s just caught in the middle.

The entire row looping around the whole garage was a parking nightmare lol

Real asshole at wegmans on dick lol couldn’t get a steady shot of the plate, you won’t get away next time

Don’t feel worthy of a new thread (technically this is a really bad parking job) read the back of trailer:


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The least exciting thing the store in the background has seen all day.

Good selection at that store