The Rapid Move To All Electric (But Real Goal = No Person Cars)

Yep, but it’s hard to feel sorry for people that make huge purchases without doing their homework.

This morning my coworker was telling me about his neighbor who got an electric car. Said they can’t charge it at home because it takes forever on 110 and they don’t have room in their panel to add a 220 outlet. No one thought to look into that before buying it? Said they live about a 10 minute walk from the Northtown Center so they park it there to charge and walk home. :joy:


That’s the majority of new car buyers unfortunately. It’s why some people end up with brand new cars none of us would ever touch, they get sold on the vehicle looks or features and then end up signing papers.

I’m expecting as more and more electric cars get on the road I’ll be able to pickup a used battery pack off a wrecked one to DIY an off grid battery solution for my house. :slight_smile:

You could do this with Telsa packs for a while but it got so popular the cost of the used packs is now stupid.

Theres gotta be more to that story, unless theyre in an old home in the city on 60A service. Swapping two normal breakers for tandem breakers would give them the physical space and then you just program the car to charge overnight when there’s little to no load on the rest of the box.

I’d ask him to get more details but this guy’s stories are brutal to listen to so I’m not opening that pandora’s box.


“before i tell you this story, let me tell you three other likely unrelated stories…”

that guy?


EXACTLY that guy. But also add in, “let me pause for no apparent reason between each sentence”. Like long enough that you start to think he might have stroked out, but then he just reboots and continues.


Bro just wants to talk bout how his life was flipped-turned upside down…
But Jay won’t take a minute to sit right there…


What kind of batteries do they use to store the energy created from the panels? Would there be some way to use a 10+ year old scrapped Tesla or something? I know that the Tesla’s battery wouldn’t be capable of going to 100% at that point but even at 65-70% it “should” run a house for a while right? I see stand-alone upright panels at houses that I deliver to out in the country. I imagine that building some small sheds to hold a car wouldn’t be too much of an eyesore.

edit: A quick search shows thousands of salvage Tesla’s. Most sell for chump change. Repairing them is not easy I guess?

There are all sorts of options, from sealed dry cell to li-ion to lead acid deep cycle. Each one has its advantages/disadvantages.

They just have to be the correct voltage for you invertors… besides that you could use deep cycle boat batteries to rechargeable AAA’s if you wanted to.

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Yeah, you can use any battery. The Tesla battery packs from damaged cars got popular for DIY powerwalls and drove the prices way up. Sure, some savage ones go cheap, but the salvage ones with good batteries (aka, not flood cars) don’t because so many people want the battery packs for projects like this. A single model S battery module goes for around $600 on ebay. A model s battery has up to 16 of those modules in it’s single battery pack. So if those salvage cars have functional batteries they aren’t going for $300-$600 like your link suggests or people would be buying them up in bulk just to flip the battery modules for thousands in easy profit.

Yeah that site can’t be real, the tail light alone would fetch more then $50… has to be a scam site.

In cali this past weekend, lots of these around! no driver! Surprised they used Jags though, figured they’d use a more cost effective vehicle, unless they have some sort of partnership with Jaguar

You think some rich bro is going to want to be chauffeured in a poor’s car?


That’s your reason for not using a Jag? I’d figure they’d stay away from Jag to not have an electrical problem. lol

I figured they’d just Priuses cause they’re cheap

This is pretty cool

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In 500 years we will be calling present day the dark ages. Or AI will…