The Rapid Move To All Electric (Formerly Porsche Synthetic Fuels Thread)

I actually wonder how many people turn down their AC when these messages come across. I can’t see even 10% of people doing it.

Sorry, by down I meant I made it colder. At least my place will be bearable when we lose power for a few hours


Haha Right, that’s about my mindset. “Chance of power going out, lets get this house cooler before it does”

Does make you wonder how much those notifications make things worse instead of better. Like what is the percentage that actually bump the AC from 75 to 80 to help cut down on the load vs the people that bump it from 75 to 65 expecting the power to go out.

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I deff bump mine down knowing ahead of time lol

Uh Oh.

Pollution particles, like sulfate or nitrate, are known for reflective properties and are typically found in exhaust.

The team, in a desperate move, suggests turning to aerosols once more

The results sparked the idea of putting pollution particles back into the atmosphere, which in turn would reflect solar radiation back to space and ultimately limit or reverse human-causing climate change.

I thought the reason we removed aerosol products was because of the chemicals burning up the ozone and creating holes?

That was CFCs. And the hole has recovered, as far as I’m aware.

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A bold strategy cotton.

GM is a joke when it comes to electric vehicles and the games they are trying to pull. I know I 100% wont be buying one of their EV’s in the future.

Deff some bad optics there. Why do you think GM is a joke in the EV car game?

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So one thing they are getting wrong if its true is the throttle attenuation, if what i’m reading in reviews is true. One thing I love about the Tesla is the instantaneous torque. I’ve read that both the Lyriq and Hummer modulate power output, easing into max acceleration. One article described it to feel almost like turbo lag.
Hopefully fixable with software and not an equipment protection feature.

Interesting, I haven’t heard anyone complain about the WTF mode/response. I’ve been in both, but not for a long time so I won’t really comment. I will say they felt very EV to me, which means soulless, but I also hate how Tesla and most other EV’s drive lol.

I’ve been in a Tesla once and it was the most neck breaking acceleration I’ve ever felt in my life, completely instantaneous, there was no easing into full power. It also drove me and my crew to McDonald’s.

My wife has slammed my head into the headrest several times for “fun”