The Rapid Move To All Electric (Formerly Porsche Synthetic Fuels Thread)

This got me thinking. Has anyone seen fire suppressors at any EV charging station?

Gasoline isn’t exactly great when it catches on fire either, but EV battery fires are almost impossible to put out because of the design of the sealed battery pack. Once a single cell runs away it’s a chain reaction with the cell next to it and the only way to stop it is to cool the pack to stop the chain reaction. While almost any extinguisher or even a strong blast of water can do this on an exposed multi-cell pack EV packs are built into sealed watertight boxes.


I love when people start sentences with “fact is” because it indicates they’re not open to other ideas:

“The fact is: a hybrid today is not green technology. The Prius hybrid runs on a pollution-emitting combustion engine found in any gas-powered car,” Katherine García, director of the Sierra Club

So Toyota gets shit on for taking a balance approach…

Toyota executives expect different areas of the world to adopt electric vehicles at varying rates, largely based on available energy, infrastructure and raw materials needed for the batteries to power the vehicles.

Seems quite reasonable.


there is significantly insufficient production of battery-grade nickel, cobalt and manganese sulfate to reach U.S. EV targets by 2030… even if all forecast nickel sulfate production through 2030 from U.S. and free trade agreement countries went into producing electric vehicles, it would supply less than 60% of EV targets set by automakers during that timeframe.

I’m sure this is based on current available extraction methods, but still.

Someone needs to send the Sierra Club pics of cobalt mines and Chinese boats scraping the ocean floor for manganese, lol.

Eagers Nissan sales manager has acquired a R34 GT-R at a great price!

Nobody could possibly be that dumb


That’s fake. No car guy would do that. Nice try though.

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Interesting. So inverters trip, causing power outages. You can make inverters that don’t trip, but at risk of damage.

The plant in Texas that they thought wouldn’t have this problem… Has this problem, lol.

After reading that I’m really glad I had the transfer switch installed this year so my generator can power up my whole house with just the flip of a couple switches. Our grid is going to get so much worse in the coming years and I’m sure NY will be in a race with CA for the bottom as usual.


We already are seeing some slight shifting in this stance. Herbert Diess, a proponent of an all-electric future for VW Group has been replaced by Porsche’s Oliver Blume. While embracing EV technology, Blume also believes eFuels as a way to make existing cars more carbon neutral while allowing the continued production of ICE icons like the 911.

Automakers must sell 68% of sales by 2030 as EVs or plug-ins and by 2035 can sell no more than 20% of models as plug-in hybrids.


Seeing as these are basically impossible standards to hit by 2035, for both the electric grid and for car makers to produce a profitable and affordable EV for the masses… but say it was to go into effect, do any of the laws say anything about buying ICE cars in other states and registering them here? All these headlines I read are just about carmakers selling them in NY.

You mean like buying guns out of state, ammo out of state…lol

Media embargo lifted on the z.


Can’t ship them because of government weight limits. Increase the limit, roads wear faster. Road repairs require… petroleum

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