The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)

cannot believe how the news is portraying this latest non-scandal.

reuters and all Canadian outlets are continuing to demonstrate heavy anti-trump bias. it’s getting silly.

@bing I got banned from the T_D for posting a hilarious meme that @Onyx_Z32 put up that got a ton of upvotes, the mods there are crazy, like literally anything they ban people for. It should still be up.

Seems like the news portrayal is hurting his approval ratings, down to 42% overall. Can’t say I’ve followed it too much. Waiting for this campaign to start heating up

you can get banned fomr TD? what meme was it?

The problem with Reddit, besides being a terrible format, is that the mods over there have to be really picky or else the entire community will be shut down. It’s practically shut down already.

I’ll be surprised if TD is still there on election night.

The one about him eating baked beans in the movie theatre lol

i saw a post on T_D about how the people were looking for other venues to post their content. i almost posted that they should come here since we’re demonetized already anyways :slight_smile:

Sometimes I see memes, then a few hours later try to find them and they’re gone. So now if I see something really good I make sure to copy it here just in case.

had no idea Louis vuitton was opening a leather factory in Texas.

havent googled that much but i would have assumed this is their first in the US? i have never seen made in the US on any of the stuff i have from them.

1000+ jobs they say. crazy.

They aren’t going to be using TX cattle for the leather so I am not sure we will see anything but “Assembled in the US”?? But yes everyone is all excite about it.

I am curious why there were so few counter protesters at the rally last night…so odd

When you gang assault someone in TX you often get shot. :slight_smile:

So a buddy of mine posted a meme showing Eric Ciaramella and Instagram removed it. He posted another one. 10 min later gone. No message from Instagram on why. So he keeps reposting different ones with all the same result. Social media censorship??? Seems like it.

what if all this works though?

i was watching this talk from Pence last night. it is more than a year old.

if they already know all of this stuff then why are they allowing it to continue and why did they let it hit the 2018 mid terms?

it feels to me like when i had a chat with some churchy friends of mine about how important it is that the christian flks actually win this culture war his response was that this was all prophecized and that when judgement comes the christians will prevail… i was like… bro… that’s way too much faith. ya’ll need to win in this life.

This type of action by Insta has been reported many times. Very normalized by now.

I get that but I’ve never actually seen it happen.

And here we are…

It really shouldn’t be surprising at this point. The publisher vs. platform debate in regards to the large social media sites is over, and they’ve chosen publisher. So the next step is regulation which at first was viewed as a hindrance to them, but now can only help them solidify their position and slow competition.

Thank god for this site remaining a platform though as long as possible. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

BTW happy impeachment day! This reminds me I need to check in on the memes.

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yeah but we need to stop paying out of pocket for freedom of speech on here Josh. :slight_smile:

since we’ve been fully deomonitized and all.

man that was a good one… almost 2 months old now too.

This $hit be crazy.

I had a post censored and then saw that FB is actively removing all reference to this.

They had a whole thing on youtube censorship yestreday on 60 min. It’s only gonna get worse!

JBP was exactly right… who decides what to censor? the people you would least want doing it.