The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)

It really shouldn’t be surprising at this point. The publisher vs. platform debate in regards to the large social media sites is over, and they’ve chosen publisher. So the next step is regulation which at first was viewed as a hindrance to them, but now can only help them solidify their position and slow competition.

Thank god for this site remaining a platform though as long as possible. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

BTW happy impeachment day! This reminds me I need to check in on the memes.

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yeah but we need to stop paying out of pocket for freedom of speech on here Josh. :slight_smile:

since we’ve been fully deomonitized and all.

man that was a good one… almost 2 months old now too.

This $hit be crazy.

I had a post censored and then saw that FB is actively removing all reference to this.

They had a whole thing on youtube censorship yestreday on 60 min. It’s only gonna get worse!

JBP was exactly right… who decides what to censor? the people you would least want doing it.

holy shit… i may be misunderstanding some of this but it looks like this was a response to the attack on the US embassy the other day?

if so… shit’s getting REALL!!!

The embassy was the last straw. They were on notice after shooting down our drone and the attacks on ships in the Gulf of Oman.

Iran needs to realize this isn’t Obama in office where we’ll just keep moving our red line each time they push up against it.

I will say, this is where Trump has to be very careful about listening to his “friends” on the right. The warhawks (looking at you Graham and pals) want nothing more than to start another never ending war in the middle east to line the pockets of their defense contractor and PMC (private military corporation) PAC contributors. Soleimani needed to be taken out, and we need to respond with decisive force (preferably an attack on Iranian oil fields) if Iran follows through with any of their retaliation threats but we do not want to get stuck in another multi-year ground war.


don’t know if that is how it will play out but clearly the only person capable of creating that outcome while in office is the man currently in office :slight_smile:

When Trump was first running he spoke about ending all the wars in the Middle East. Hopefully this doesn’t backfire on him.

I honestly don’t think Iran has the balls to do any serious retaliation while Trump is in office. I could be wrong, I’m not in the intelligence field listening to chatter 24/7 or working back channels like I’m sure the experts are, but I just don’t see a winning option for them. In the past they might have rolled the dice assuming we wouldn’t go after their oil production because we were so energy dependent on the middle east, but thanks to fracking and drilling the US doesn’t import nearly as much oil as we used to. We can hit Iran’s oil fields, which are the ONLY thing supporting their economy thanks to all our sanctions, and it doesn’t kill us at the pumps and heating homes. Iran knows this is the FIRST thing we’d bomb if they start killing Americans and I don’t think anyone in the world expects Trump to not follow through on his threats. They might have thought so yesterday, but when you blow up their #2 as he’s stepping off a plane it kinda removes any doubts.

Wonder what Assad is thinking right now? Or Kim Jong-un? You can bet they’re putting serious thought into testing the US right now. Is saber rattling worth having to worry about a hellcat missile getting shoved up your ass anytime you walk outside?

it definitely could… it’s worrisome.

incidentally, i was getting an oil change and chatting about this today as it was on the TV right at the counter. the guy working the shop said that he was from iran and was indifferent to the news. he came over when he was 10 and did not have fond memories of his time in Iran and understood why this happened. it was an interesting interaction.

Wow. This guy must have been quite the asshat.

It doesn’t seem it took us a lot of effort to kill #2 lol. One drone with 4 rockets. Guy was probably sitting in his pjs sipping on a 711 big gulp when he pulled the trigger hahah

So, did that airliner really crash in Iran because of mechanical difficulties or is something else going on? Seems very suspicious with the timing. My guess is Iran shot it down by mistake, especially now that they’re refusing to share the black box.

I definitely think they shot it down. Why not give up the data unless your hiding something.

Trudeau confirming it was shot down by a ground to air missle but it is said to have been an accident.

really terrible week for Iran. jeez…

it really does speak to how incompetence reigns in state-capital / authoritarian nations. not only do they not really put up much of any retaliation for their general they also shoot down and kill hundreds of their own civilians in the fog of war.

it’s a pretty big deal up here what with 60+ of the casualties being Canadian and from all across the country.

I’m sure your PM will pull the trigger and strike Iran in retaliation any minute now. J/K, but the strongly worded letter I’m sure he’s writing will hurt too.

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