Vantage Heating and Cooling Fall Specials!

I had a similar experience, top notch work and a fair price

Thanks guys! I appreciate the business.

So Friday around 4:00pm a lady pulled out in front of me at abbott and milestripe and I T-boned her @ 45mph with my work van. I’m ok, and shes ok I was told. I’m hoping to buy my van back and get it fixed or part it out.


Damn sorry to hear man. Does the van still run? Almost looks like it is in those pics

Ouch, glad everyone is ok. Hopefully she was ticketed which really helps with insurance and proving fault.

I think it should still run. I think it shut off automatically from the collision.

If you need a collision guy lemme know! Also I will keep you in mind for a new Central air system. The one on my house uses R12 and is over 30 years old, waiting for it to die one of these summers…

I will keep this in mind, I had some issues recently and didn’t know who to use.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the business!

I’m still waiting on the police report so I can fail a claim on the other persons insurance. Hopefully it won’t be expensive to buy it back. My friend has a buddy he recommended thinking they can repair the van pretty cheap, so who knows. I hope it can be repaired cheap because I don’t know how easy it will be getting a loan on another now that I don’t have pay stubs right now.


Hopefully everything works out with their insurance.

Thanks again for your help last week.

Spoke to John yesterday, will def. be using him for some upcoming work…

He did a whole house humidifier install for me last month, very pleased with it as well as the price. Was waiting until we switched over to our new website before posting a more thorough review.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it! I’ll keep everyone updated on the van situation.

Just completed a ductless mini split air conditioning/heatpump installation, (1) condenser (4 zones/heads), turned out nice, I’m trying to figure out a way to put the pictures up, they’re on my yelp and facebook page.

Bump, thanks again John @Wahoo, my sister is thrilled to have AC in her house!

John has done a lot of work for me in the last year plus, extremely pleased with his quality of work, attention to detail, and very fair pricing…

bump. anyone know if John still does heating currently? tried contact him but no luck.

anyone have furnace servicing recommendation?

Paging @Wahoo, let’s see if his email still works

Pretty sure he working, fixed my parents furnace about a month ago.

forgot to update. John has been very busy lately. He came out yesterday and got my furnace running in no time. providing professional service as usual.