Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)

Jump in while you can!!


It’s happening @Bing up in your neck of the woods!!

ooooff Canopy today… might be time to re-up.

yeah tuesday was amazing, but we gave it all back these last 2 sessions.

I just keep adding to my position! Long long long! Got some more Medmen today, aurora, canopy, aphria, cannabix and surprisingly my scotts miracle grow is up the most, 20% so far.

Bruce was buying today:

Picked up another 100 shares of Medmen today, then a couple of the rest of the gang. The fractional investing makes it super easy on M1 for my cannabis ETF.

EDIT - @LZ Your favorite! Just domain squatted 3 .com’s lol queencitynugs, queencitybuds, queencitybud

@bing how’s your asshole? Mine’s pretty loose. Scooping up more of everything though!

I’m sure vaping panic is contributing to the downturn. It’s a short term issue though, which means it’s also a chance to buy.

Didn’t even consider this!

yeah there will be a bounce back but i dont thikn i’ll do as well on it. some of the stuff i had reasonable postions in is likely not coming back.

lots of chatter on CRON’s afterhours tonight.

Canopy is developing cannabis vape products, so time will tell.

I’m down overall 48% on my cannabis portfolio, I keep averaging in. Dropped another 500 today in my “pie”.

@bing I think all of our positions will recover, but it won’t be until at least 2021-22, and 2024-2028 for the 100s-1000s% gains. It needs to be federally legal, and I don’t think that’ll get pressed until a democrat is in the white house. Even when that happens, it’ll still take years from the time of their election. And besides, even if it’s federally legal, how do you make the cousin-fuckin’ states enforce the legalization? Do the individual state’s rights comes before the country’s?

Full blown legalization IMO across the country won’t be until 2030. I’m more than happy to wait and build a big ass position until then. Retiring before 45 would still be pretty great.

That’s too optimistic IMO. The more time goes on, the more we’re seeing negative data about legal weed.

For example, this stupidity. We used to joke about crack babies when I was in high school… our kids could be joking about weed babies:

I’m sure some gains will come back, but I’m skeptical of a long term bull run.

It doesn’t really work that way. Federally they can decriminalize it. States could then decide to allow it or not. No one has the “right” (by that I mean natural right) to use weed. Could the supreme court somehow fit it into existing law like they did with abortion within the right to privacy? Maybe.

Besides, the best way is to let the states decide and experiment with their own nuances of legalization as is the benefit of living in a republic. Let the best ideas, laws, restrictions, markets, policy, etc win out.

You do realize there are still dry counties all over his country and prohibition ended in 1933 right? States rights is an important part of this country.

im pretty sure some of the guys i entered with $5k+ positions are going to go bankrupt but i guess i also knew that going in and just held wide enough such that i was so far up on others that it didnt matter.

Totally forgot about that.

And @Onyx_Z32 yes some of these companies will have to fail.

All those gains up in smoke today. Canopy got crushed.

well, i’m down a decent rental property in buffalo now :frowning:

Hold onto your nuts! I haven’t added to a position in a while. Canopy got smashed. They still have 2.7 billion cash on hand, but man they aint selling shit. They sold 20% of what they grew. There’s a fuck ton of inventory left over.