What modern autos will someday be classics?

Any minitruck for that matter

The last of the light, body on frame vehicles.

Seriously, just like you see old ford and chevy street rods, give it time.

Bump! Interesting article for those like myself with older Japanese cars. Turns out the Miata is becoming a classic:

Early Miatas are included in what Hagerty defines as “up-and-coming” Japanese collectibles, based on final sales and sell-through rates at land-based (as opposed to online) auctions. Other models, mostly from the 1990s, on the list: Acura NSX, Mazda RX-7, Integra Type R, Toyota Supra and MR2, Nissan 300ZX and Honda S2000.

This part I especially like, lol;

As a result, even high-mileage, decades-old Japanese cars can supply today’s enthusiast with dependable fun, Mr. Keebler says. He points to recent online ads for 30-year-old Nissan 300 ZX sports cars. One well-kept 1992 model with 99,000 miles had an asking price of $35,000, while a 1991 turbo-equipped ZX sought $23,000 despite having logged 187,000 miles.

Keeping my 92 with 75k for the long haul!

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Not that I’m looking to sell my S2000 in the future but I am loving the way the market is going with these cars as well. Nice versions are going for over msrp now and I’d expect that to only get better over time. Currently got just under 42k on the 03.

From the GM side I have been watching how strong some of the niche vehicles have held value:
H3T Alpha
Solstice GXP Coupe
G8 GXP 6speed
Chevy SS manual

The Viper for sure!

Rare to see these & Saturn Skys.

I see a lot here in Detroit. My mom has a sky redline 5speed and enjoys it.
But the coupes (hardtop) are rare birds, less than 1300 produced, 800 GXP, 300 manual.

Mine. '14-'15 Z/28. The last really big cube N/A V8. They declined for a bit, but now are stable. Low mileage cars still fetch $45-$50k.

impossible to find clean 240sx’s anymore…

all 1980’s BMW’s are going to be on that list too. I would love a nice 325is E30 right now.

Add CTS V wagon to the list.

i saw a CTSV wagon the other day on the 403… it was bliss.

Wagons are routinely pulling $40k plus on bring a trailer

i think the cars that are going to be classics are the ones without all the electronic nonsense. we are getting further and further away from being able to feel and tell what the car is doing. so much so that i think everyone will end up(at least the car minded people) longing for something with a connection to the road.

^ that and anything sporty, RWD and manual transmission.

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SS Silverado is on my short list of vehicles to have (again)

Super nice truck for sure!

EDIT - Ram srt10 too

Since people are talking pickups, I’d add the Ford Lightning to the list.

Just saw a Syclone with high miles asking $18k on criagslist.
Edit: It’s clean

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