Yesterday's Hail Storm

Everyone OK? Anyone have any reports of damage?

Chautauqua County got hit with this:


Damn! Nothing in the northtowns other than some people complaining their satellite TV went out during GoT. :laughing:

We had lightning and thunder…a little rain, but that was it.

Did you guys see this video floating around FB last night?

That’s wild. I think I saw the same on Twitter.

God damn, sucks for anyone parking outside

Just went through it here…car was totaled. It was like being in the heaviest downpour, only made of ice.

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God damn that sucks ass. Are you glad it’s totaled? Gonna keep the cash, fix or buy another?

@bing can help you get that fixed @OfficerK

EDIT: nm, didn’t read that it was already totalled!

Couldn’t find another in the area for the same price with similar trim, mileage, etc…ended up with an A4


i’m handling the Dodge dealer’s repairs in Westfield and doing many of the retail claims. I doubt any of you guys were there though.

I would totally let this hail destroy my focus, replace the windshield and collect the insurance check.

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To your point @ubengineering , if my car was written off due to hail damage and the buyback was right, I don’t see that being a bad thing… replace the glass and enjoy it at a deep discount, haha.

The video got me wondering g how fast hail falls. Size matters. A 0.4” piece only about 20mph while a 3” whopper will be doing about 110mph.

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