Zero Motorcycles? (100% Electric Bikes)


I spotted one of their trucks in Amherst today, does someone have one of these? Looks like the nearest dealership is in Rochester or Toronto:


" I didn’t even hear him coming"

  • Driver that hit me.

I was at the Forvm Bike Night the first night they had one and one of these bikes showed up. No plate on it so I don’t know if it was in one of the trailers but it was pretty cool to see nonetheless.


Fucking expensive that’s for sure top of the line sport model costs same as base 1199

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I just went to their site. Base jumped a bit up to $12,995. With add ons it can jump almost another $5k.


Harley is going the same route too, my dad was just showing me this thing tonight…slated for a 2016 release, mid 400lbs, high 3’s 0-60. He just picked up his 2014 HD Ultra Limited and they gave him this flyer all about the new LiveWire. They are bringing them to a bunch of different cities for test drives, he’s already on the list.

Have to say it sounds pretty good too…


Came in here looking for this =(

I think its a cool idea, im game if the cost comes down




Its great to see this out there, but needs to be cheaper and quicker…a 10sec 1/4 and 40mpg is going to be hard to compete with until gas gets really expensive.


Yeah, my RJ750 got 54mpg night and day.


much, much pricier but very cool:

I don’t see electric bike replacing gas in the next 10 years. In 20 years I still see the gas powered bike having its place, with the same kind of nostalgia seen in the movie I, Robot.

When Tesla puts out a car in the 30-40k range I plan on making the switch…


These aren’t being marketed to people looking to save money on gas…


Several years later:

Struggling motorcycle company Harley-Davidson’s vision for embracing the future is offering a full line of electric motorcycles by 2022. The first of these electrified bikes will be the 2019 LiveWire and, like all other Harley motorcycles, it’s expensive. Let’s just get it out of the way first. The bike’s MSRP comes to $29,799.

Oh boy. I kinda want one because it’s ridiculous, but the Zero is half as much with options.


I’m pretty sure Moto Z carries Zero locally. I’ve seen them a lot recently as I’ve been working the Progressive IMS motorcycle show tour and Zero has a big promo called “discover the ride” where they have an indoor riding loop where you can demo the bikes (they have them limited to 12mph). They run them all damn day on an overnight charge.