FS: Midway Arcade Game

here is the jcpennt link

screen is 13

i will take pics tomorrow morning not from my cell phone

its 400 brand new, 200 lowest im gonna take


cheapest i found on ebay…


cheapest i found on ebay

thats fucking rad. i want it, but we dont really have the room… free bump to you

buy this jam

i could definitely use this for the new house i’m moving into in 3 months with jdmjunkie…

your startin the usless crap collection already !!!

what r u waiting for… i can deliver it if need b :slight_smile:

seriously. i think it’d be a good move, you’d be ‘the shop with the sweet arcade machine in the hood’ to canucks who need teh Tunnn :slight_smile:

if you still have it in a couple months i may be interested when i move into my new house for the bar. let me know if you need to get rid of it

if i had the room id snatch this thing up but bump for a sweet ass machine

at this rate, i just may lol

sold i want it


Well, somebody’s shop got it :lol:

haha yea SOLD to don at hybrid!

Haha, awesome.

thank you, now my bro will have something to do over there :slight_smile:

grrrr! i should have kicked all your asses today when i was over there!!! lol.