Happy Birthday JEG

:tup: 22

damns you old

:bday: :headbang: :bday: :headbang: :bday: :headbang:

fuck you im 22 im young :frowning:

but happy bday bro



Happy Day of Birthing!

happy birthday !

Have a pain free and drugged up as fuck Bday :tup: :bday:

:tuP; happy b day

thanx guys. just woke up hirtin like hell…but not for long :wink: lol.

Yea same here, I only thought it was right to wish you a happy birthday one cripple to another :tup:

its a good day for a birthday. :beer:

happy bday

:tspry: Happy Birthday!!

thanx everyone. I am having an uber shitty day and it really does mean alot to me that you guys are thinkin of me. seriously. thank you!

u suck at life.


how was the day, have cake?

happy bday buddy :tup:

Happy Birthday puta

I hope your birthday was happy or you were to medicated to remember it.

smoke some pot.

seriously. smoke some pot. better than synthetic heroin imho.

happy bday duder