Latest Car Pics....finally *56K no*


Please identify the set of legs.

I want to lick them.

Project Infinite240sx

lol :word:

What did you do at your WORK today?



I was just going to post a special thanks for the leg usage…

I would like to thank Josh(Onyx) for letting me borrow his legs for that picture. Thanks again Josh!


I have said it before and I will say it again, you have one of the best looking cars on the road.


Where were these pics taken? I love the setting.

Car looks great. I saw it at S&R Cruise Night the other week.

Ban List

Damn, that’s hot. Josh, can you do some modeling with some thigh hi’s also?

I prefer the black lacy ones…


I love your e46 and your DIY’s are amazing. :tup:


whoa :tup:

josh, did you mod the hood to have the subtle bulge, or is it an aftermarket hood!?



Thanks all…

The pic were taken behind my hotel at carlisle. And the hood is a slightly modified factory hood… just not factory on my car.


Very very nice man. I really like the silver one too but thats cause Silver is my favorite color on cars. BTW I think you need some washer fluid. :smiley:


Looks amazing as usual :tup:


i actually saw you driving around once and i was like oh man thats a hot car and then i seen your plate and was like oh he’s on nyspeed.

/ creepy

nice pics btw


Amazing pictures!!


fucking love ur car :tup:


I love this car


oh-no-colonie popo rock

things that came to mind when i saw this pic:

  1. she better not be leaning on the car
  2. where is the “little” toe
  3. which one would i have more fun with
  4. which one cost more
  5. i hope she did not drop the cam
  6. i tried looking under the car before looking under the skirt

that was just the 1st five sec.

the car is hot.


your car is amazing…i love it :tup:

i guess the others are good too :slight_smile:

What did you do at your WORK today?

This thread is giving me vuja-de.


sex on wheels is always fun :tup: