My birthday present to all of you.

If you don’t watch it until the end, i’ll kill you. It goes from hysterical to AMAZING.

That song is catchy lol

wtf lol

haha. awesome.

Kid or little person?

Either way, you need to learn that dance.

aww…i want one.

i want one too. and id teach him to smoke the right way… he didnt even inhale, the little puss.

That kid has some moves

ahahahaha. amazing.

Thats the best fuckin thing i have ever seen. I want one of those little guys.

newman you post some of the best, most ridiculous videos ever.


^^ jeg?

:rofl: hah

sexy little mofo.
Damn i wish i had his moves. lol

Funny shit.

lol wtf is right. i love the HUGE fake smile that he holds the whole time hahaha


They just played this video on the jimmy kimmel show! its going national now!