Name Change requests


haha emery your sn looks all like a HS girl in '98 on aol


what happens if you dont have paypal


well that explains all those weird pm’s i’ve been getting from you asking when my parents our going out of town.

i gave dateline a heads up, u might end up famous… :present:


Wait… We’re paying for name changes now!!!

Kinda ridic… when I had 5 usernames last week…


they haven’t sent you your bill yet. lol




this is not new, noob.

You didn’t request any of those names, IIRC.

If you did, that’ll be $15 please. Paypal preferred.

anyone free tomorrow? need a hand with something

im not very anatibious of my sig lol…




lol its not really a word, i like to see all the people’s reactions when i say it. most of the time they are like o ok sounds good. lmao

Sightings Thread

yeah… google had nothing too…

"Your search - anatibious - did not match any documents.


  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
  • Try different keywords.
  • Try more general keywords."


it doesn’t sound good. it sounds like you’re speaking “neon driver”.

Meatpaws, Explain....

haha thanks, give me some money to buy a new car lol


For the love of God. This is where people with real ideas and requests can give feedback. If you want to post nonsense go elsewhere.

Infraction given.




Stop posting here unless you have feedback to give.


i sent a pm to daddie couple days ago about a name change and got nothing back…


I see it, I have like 20 PMs a day, please give me a break


My bad man just making sure you were the right mod to send it to.


Hook me up with LoudAccord… I see that it was registered on Feb 1st '06 but last time they were on was Feb 3rd of 2006!