Name Change requests


Howie can I just send you the money in a money order? pm me your addy if i can do it that way


How about a price break on just a name tweak?


I want to go back to Pass McGass. I don’t really smoke pot that much anymore.


You smoke it with me, bitch! :thankyou:


What is the limit on length of name?


Oh yeah, thanks to whoever took the ‘R’ out of my name.

Howie? I owe you a bloje.


do you really want “MR T”? If so PM me.

Alot. Try me.



I will get back to you.


Can I change my name to: Justin


Id like to change mine to “IANK” you can change around the caps and things depending on what looks best, I didnt see a paypal address in the thread so If you could send that my way I’ll hook ya up, thanks



Blue Eyed Devil
I was trying think of something that will never change.:slight_smile:
Although my science teacher worked on the Manhatten project and one of his eyes turned from blue to green.:uhh:
<—this week we start production so you can change that too.


can i change mine to AShort?




thanks Howie :tup:


Can we make it a rule that there has to be a post here with the old username and the new one? This is getting REALLY confusing, and I would like to go back and be able to figure out who is who.


Ashort = jdmjunkie
iank = ikshoe
bacon = fuzzyfish
blue eyed devil = awdrifter
fry = bikerfry


KCUV = King

Edit : Oh yeah I’m stoopid


I thought King was KCuv?!?




Pass McGrass = Pass McGass, btw.

In case any of you were confused :wink:


Can I change mine to TooSoonJr?


I want to change mine but i dont have a pay pal, can i send someone a money order???