Name Change requests


Can i change my e-mail address? because i used to have another name but i didnt like it and i didnt know i could just go in here to change the user name, but instead i used a different e-mail to open this account, thanks!


Can i change my e-mail address that my account use’s?


Yeah, but that costs $5 to

j/k that’s not even my paypal account.
User CP -> Edit Details -> Edit Email & Password


You are so banned for for that!

unless you paypal $500000 to


:tup: to mods:)


can you cap’s the S and F in my name? so it will look like SuzukiFreek?


So, how and where can i get mine changed to Bobby G? rid the numbers and add a space.





whoops, sorry i guess i know what to do now.




Goot idea…

someone cap J&T --> JT76?


also give me my bling back? :):):):slight_smile:


wait, was the email we were supposed to send to or

because in my paypal it says:

Sent to:
Howard See
Payment Sent to:

and the payment has still not been claimed…


eitherone is fine.


i just want to take the Ape off of my name. :frowning:






Can I have my name changed to SkunkApe if Aaron gets Ape taken off his name…

OOOO Actually can I have ILCisApe?


Sure, $44.99



what happened to my title?


Name Change : Blown&Stroked