Someone Cloned Mike from Innovative Tuning

lmao…looks just like him…

its your long lost brother

so many look-alikes at hybrid.

Burt’s Bee’s
The ski goggle guy…

where’s that weird monkey picture of FDJonez?



I hear Phil had a role in Fast and the Furious (1) but sadly they recast him, poor pizza boy :frowning:

:rofl: its ok phil, maybe the next movie you’ll get a call from them!

looks excatlly like this guy i know named Mike. but not the one at innovative

holy poop!


the mouth looks slightly different but wow…pretty close match

He did just fine as Philbo Baggins though. Silly hobbits.

Does Mike have a pretty mouth, Stairs?

That’s pretty scary man. My hair even gets like that if I let it grow…which is why I’ve kept it to a number 2 since high school.

Good find.

thats great though

Nice to see another Inn. tune guy imposter.

x… :lol: