WTB:elliptical machine

My dad wants to buy an elliptical machine so if anybody has one they want to sell let me know asap.


I have one that was never sold yet, Bought it at dicks for $700.

Make Offer:



guess your not interested???

my dad was still thinking about it i will let u know asap he want to do a little more research on the machine.


LAST CHANCE OF MY OFFERINGS. I’m pretty sure you wont get a good deal on this again!!!

This was $700 new at dicks and It was used lightly! So it’s in GREAT shape still

Want it???

BUMP!!! I had two offers and no-one replyed to them. Still Availble!!

i’LL SHOW THE WIFE AGAIN AND let you know.She was looking at a proform on HSN that was 579 shipped no payments 6 mos.

I never trust TV Sales! They rip ya off almost ALL the time!

I’d sell it for $175. if ya want

P.S., I’ll even deliver it, And set it up for ya!!!

See I’m a nice guy, Now all I ask is for a Nice person to buy this freaking thing

well? Kinda aggravating someone ask’s for something, then really never wanted it in the first place

Are you implying me?

Nope, The original poster on here