I tried a couple of resources, but I am having little to no luck.

Anyone know of a good place to pick up Win XP?

My current copy has be “re keyed” a few times already. :frowning:




don’t register, and turn off automatic updates.


I have a sticker and a CD if you want it cheap… PM me. Its legit.


ill give u a cd and a legit key.


baldy and kevin answered… when locutus gives his .02, /thread

but y’all knew that anyways


what version do you want… XP corp? x64, server 2003, pretty much any one is good (yes… the x64 is for 64bit procs)… just crack it and get updates elsewhere…

but dear god don’t get home edition


Home is fine.

Just putting together a basic rig for bro in law. schoolwork/interweb/mp3.

PMs returned/sent.


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