05 3.6 > 05 4.6

So cruisin thru buffalo last night in the mom’s new caddy CTS http://www.ubrf.org/forums/images/smilies/icon_pimp.gif (now i like BOTH of my parents’ cars better than mine http://www.ubrf.org/forums/images/smilies/icon_frown.gif ) and get a nice flyby/brake/pace from a new style stang GT. I dont know if anyone’s driven a CTS, but the tranny is sweet, especially with the sport package, believe it has 3.42’s, and for a 3.6 VVT v6 they have some serious balls. Anyway, we catch a light and he starts revving, i figure what the hell, i’m pimpin the caddy and he’s got a brand new mustang, no shame in losing, why not. I turn stabilitrak off and rev back. Mine sounds like a washing machine though.

Anyway, I launch perfect, he spins for a second but good launch, we go dead even through first, i hit 2nd and start pulling http://www.ubrf.org/forums/images/smilies/icon_eek.gif , pull about up to my front doors, tranny holds 2nd and 3rd to 7000, i pull about a car and a half more and shut down when it shifts to 4th and give him the hazards.

He pulls up to the next light like “damn dude, please tell me that’s the V…” I reply, if by V you mean V6, then yes. then i pull off.
That was the 2nd best line i got of the night behind a sentradriver i did some pulls with messing around, “Damn dude, is that an 8 or a 12 cyl, that shit is QUICK!”

Cliff notes: pull 2 cars on a new stang GT in mom’s brand new CTS. now all i need are some dubs.




Good show man,

Its really that fast? Wanna race?

lol I like the story, I like better how you are linking UBRF’s pimp smiiley :slight_smile:

I’ll add that now btw.

thanks guys, jack i’d probably get embarassed but if i happen to be rocking the cts at an appropriate time, why not…

nice kill

no, i’m really not fast at all. I think if I was lucky I could hang wiht an 05 GT… but the panzys that won them dont want to race.

I think GTPKid is back in the game… that’d make for some good 4 door action, and I can tape from my car