07/30/05 @ 'the ritz' = birthday party!

for my brother and walker. should be a ripper.


you didn’t use my beautiful banner? Asshole

Sounds like fun, the last party was pretty sweet.


If you guys promise there will be a lot of penis there, I will cum

seriously… this should be a ripper

Are you gonna get drunk? Then it’s not a ripper… Hhaha

Lancaster Speedway > Me
unless anyone is going up late id follow them out

ill b there

last time, i didnt even show up till my own party till 12, so dont sweat coming in late.

can anyone come?

I have family stuff I’ll probably show up with matt B later.

rut roh…all of myspace knows now. should be a good party and im def coming now

Brian you’d be my bestest friend and drive me lol…i work till 9 though at the eastern hills mall…damn. but u said ur goin late anywho right?

yeah, that was totally sweet.


I <3

damn…i went to bed at 7pm and just woke alittle while ago. I missed it :tdown:

hell of a time kids. thanks for showin up.

my head is pounding right now…

oh, and i have some incriminating photos of the infamous “original sin”


i’m a dumbass i think i should’ve gone :bonk:

yea it was a pretty decent party, it died down pretty quick tho