1993 240sx SE $1700 obo

I am selling a 1993 240sx which i had purchased not long ago, just before winter time. Cars in good shape, just needs some body work and next to little to safety. Runs good, interior is in good condition, exterior needs a bit of work, the underbody is mint, no rust on frame rails at all. Has 213,000 km, auto, power steering/windows, moon/ sun roof, working a/c, everything electrical in this car works. Pictures of car are the day that i bought it, had front end damage, but i have purchased a white front fender which has a little bit of surface rust. There is also a panasonic deck that was installed not to long ago.

Car is located in Ancaster Ont, Email for Questions


$1200 obo!
i need it gone within a week, sorry if this is considered a bump

Would you trade for something ? I got a corolla 95 + my xbox360. Tell me if you are interested

apparently i cant edit posts anymore, but it was suppsoed to be $1500 obo
anyone else having problems with son and not letting you log in?

I’m interested. Would you happen to have any pictures of the under body?

pmed, $1350… cmonn! i need it gone asap

500 bucks and my bike lol. its alex btw


thanks posting those, fender doesnt look right because its not completely on

$1000? anyone? i need it gonee!