2009 Yamaha Raptor 350

I had one of these when I was a teenager and they are a blast to drive! This one is super clean, 2wd, 4 stroke, reverse and a manual shift.

On our site for $2999 and $4399 new.








These are so much fun! Couple hundred in mods and they become really quick for a 350

I can vouch for how clean this thing is. This is the quad I posted up for sale a while back for a coworker’s kid. The one where the kid bought two brand new from Bob Weaver, this one for the love of his life, who then broke up with him a couple months later. It doesn’t have an hour meter but it hasn’t been run much at all. Spent the majority of it’s life sitting in a garage in Niagara Falls until Dave agreed to buy it off my buddy when he needed some quick cash for a house down payment.

SOLD… forgot to update it last week…

Hello. And Bye.

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Hello. And Bye.