3rd Gen Camaro Z28

Saw this over the summer… All i can say is why…



Something I would expect to see at the WaWa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where in Jersey was that taken? That cop car looks familiar…

Rt.35 down near the shore… Eatontown or some shit

Ah, never spent too much time there. One of the few places in Jersey I haven’t. A good part of almost every summer for the past fifteen years has been lost to Jersey. A few years back some friends and I were staying in Neptune, drove into Asbury Park to see a show at the Stone Pony, and somehow ended up getting arrested in Belmar… so I tend to stay farther south now and lurk around Tom’s River/Seaside Heights/Point Pleasant/Brick/Lakehurst.


LOL… Asbury Park used to be good times when it was practically an abandoned ghost town with a half built hotel in the middle of the strip… but times are a changin and they tore everything down and they have an urban renewal project goin on… The stone pony is stll there though… and Toms River and Sleazeside and everything you just mentioned were my usual spots to be lol

My Uncle lives in Asbury Park, seems to be a nice town. It’s always amused me that the huge 20+ story building right on the shore is a low income housing building :crazy

Id drive it. There was an '86 Firebird around here a few years ago on a Ford truck frame that didnt look half as good.

There was also an '86 Grand Prix that looked awesome.

What always amused me was Asbury Park was an abandoned run down shoretown that at a time could barely give property away and yet drive 3 blocks out of Asbury Park and there are literally multi million dollar mansions


Anybody remember the red 4x4 Neon around here?

yep on a blazer frame iirc

i helped build the neon “neota”

it was my cousins, he blew the original neon motor and we droped it on a toyota pick up frame. it was not safe,lol

Yeah just north of it. My uncle bought some property up there, it’s done quite well for him :up

you realize its not a 3rd gen frame and shit right?? its on a truck frame with a lift kit and just a F-body body.

locally theirs a Limo with the same setup and a Beetle.



and apparently I was mistaken :rofl

f bodies ftw