4th gen prelude rims, 2 sets of R-Comps

Located in Squirrel Hill. my only car now is my S2000 so i cant transport them.

i had these before, but im dropping the price alot cuz i just picked up 10 rcomps for the S so i need these gone.

  • (SOLD) 4 gunmetal 4thgen SI prelude rims + hoosier R-Comps. near the end of their grooves, but has several more autoX events left for sure. was $250 --> now $125 picked up.

  • 4 old BFG R1 rcomps. one has damage near bead, but bead looks ok. $40 for all 4 picked up.

pm me, or email me at “mvm5 at pitt dot edu”

whats the size on the r1’s

I need alteast a 17" to clear the brakes, but its worth a shot

sorry should haev stated, they are all 15"

hoosiers are 224/45/15
i think the R1’s are the same, ill check

heres pics

whats the bolt pattern? 4x100 and i will take them

hello mark;

they are 4x114.3
What is the offset please?

Thanks mark

ha karl u jackass…

the hoosiers+rims are sold
still have the bgf’s