7/13/05 "O" tonight?

is anyone planning on heading up to O tonight? I know Akvile and I are gonna stop by…

i was actually gonna show up.

^^^^hmm…if chris is going…i might have to go…

cause chris is my lover

i will be ther mos deff

I will stop in early for a couple…


3 in a row last week sorta wipped me out. . .

yeah i couldn’t do friday…3 is a little much…you should still come out for a little bit


and not the book

not me im a poooooooose 12hr work days OWN me

just got back…it was fun :slight_smile:

sucks to leave early, but class and studying own me ALL day tomorrow…and lack of sleep for the past week, lol


Once you guys left the party was over

work owned me once again :frowning:

i had to leave early, working 8-5 then class 6-10 is just not awesome :frowning:

im trying to make up for it soon though :beer:

good times good time :tup:

A couple…?

…a couple drinks maybe?

i think she said that because he stayed till the end of the night and then got food with us at Toms lol

ahhh well i left early so i would have not known that lol

yeah…i just think its funny.
i’m one of those people that says i’m only going out for a little…but ends up staying out till 3am too…

it’s only because I’m there… :slight_smile: :smiley: