who’s doin what tonight…tonight is my easy shift at work and i;m out by 10:30…anything goin on…??

i would imagine “O”…but who’s going where?

Ummm you know you will be at O and you know pretty much anyone who is going to be there.

Now get back to work!

I was thinking O myself :tup:

bah…fine…everybody go to O…i’ll probably be there after work

I’m probably heading up to mighty at 10

I’m going to the Brew Pub for some good beer @ 11… This day has sucked the fattest of fat dicks…


JREX and I are going to drink some Super Tunning Beerz…

^^^LOL…i want some of those


You can’t handle Super Tunning Beer Skunk. Sit back down.

I will be rockin the O.