91 Accord EX

180K, auto, pw, pdl, tilt, cruise, power moon roof, ac, factory alloy wheels, tinted windows, new paint, am/fm/cd. Inspected till May. Runs and drives good…$2000…Pm and I’ll get back asap.

Nice !

Makes me miss my old 93 Accord LX 4 door. Got rid of it 2/17 last year. It was a good car, got 190,XXX out of it and traded it in for my Mazda3. Wish I had kept it a little longer and sold it myself instead of trading it in. They only gave me 500 bucks for it at Rorich and then they must have auctioned it because I saw it for sale a few weeks later at one of those POS auto lots on route 51 near the city for like 3,500 bucks.

Very clean car by the way. Very rare that there is no rust, we have to have mine fixed up on the rear quarter. Yours must have been very well taken care of.

180k, all original? motor/trans? when was the last timing belt? what’s the maintainence history like?

Are you kidding? A running , driving, 1991 Accord that looks great and has no issues, for $2000 or maybe less, and you want maintaince history? LOL I thought I would only deal with this on craigslist.

In all seriousness, the car is nice and the first person that shows and has money, will buy it.


it’s got a 180K… and if the timing belt hasn’t been changed since 60k, then it’s not going to make it to 200. in the family is a 2000 accord with almost 180k, and we just scheduled the timing belt to be done, never had a problem with it… got rid of a 90 integra in 97 with 240+k , a 95 civic with 226 because it was totaled by a truck… those were all bought new, and I know they were serviced. I’m looking to replace a 96 ford probe that had almost 190k, and ran good until a drunk hit it. - the car if for my little brother who knows next to nothing about cars. Insurance company gave him his frst offer today, we refused for more money… should have the check early next week.

so ya seriously, what’s the maintaince records like? changed oil and crossed your fingers? has there been any preventive maintence done?

Sorry if i want to ask questions before buying… I guess since it’s got fresh paint on a Honda it doesn’tmatter if it’s been taken care of.

You serious about selling?

Yes serious about selling. The car is preliminarily sold. And to the first person that saw it. No issue about maintenance records. The timing belt did come into question, but at $2000, if your worried about it, change it when you buy it.
Maybe if I was asking $1000 over the KBB, then maybe records would be an issue. Look at the junk for sale out there that has bad trannys, blown head gaskets, blown air bags, and look at the price these people are trying to get out of them. It’s a joke.
Here I had a car that has a paint job that was probably worth $1500. That means you bought the rest of the car for $500. If it had any issues I would have let you know up front. Also, you could have come out and you could have driven it anywhere,and even pulled it in my garage and you could have put it on stands and crawled all over it.
Sorry but I don’t know when the timing belt was changed. But for CHEAP transportation that run, drives and looks good, is it really even an issue?

I hope the buyer isn’t a pittspeed member then, and a timing belt or anything as significant is always an issue, that car might not even make it 5 miles from the point of sale, just because it’s “cheap” doesn’t mean it won’t be a bigger headache than what it’s worth

Just thought I’d pass a good deal on to others. If you want to bust my balls about records thats fine, nobody here has ever bought any car from me anyway.
BTW…Thanks to those who pm’ed or called me with interest

Car is sold…Thanks for looking…Thanks to those that pm’ed with interest