a hater SRT4

That’s messed up

until it gets rocked bu one of those forementioned cars

Right cause the evo is such a piece of garbage compared to an evo… Where did you find this A-hole?


on him

Neans talkin smack.lol
It’s a neon for Christ’s sake!

:tup: i like it

Meh, he’s just pissed because He couldn’t afford any of those cars.

I would have gone with the tried and true “Calvin pissing on the make of the above mentioned cars” approach


LoL Calvin pissing is so white trash, I love it.

lolololol thats so stupid its awesome, I’m sure this dude is a prime darwin award candidate

any time a SRT4 owner talks shit, just remind him of how his rear windows aren’t automatic

i like to rise and lower mine incessantly when next to cocky srt4 owners :tup:


I’m currently driving a neon, will someone please post that photoshop of me in this thread?

OMG someone who is not on the bandwagon. its the end of the world.

Theres a fine line between bandwagon and being a tard. I drive an sti but i dont go around saying fuck Murcielagos.

:tdown: to the haters :stuck_out_tongue:

just cause he drives a neon…doesn’t mean he has to be pissy about it


What a tool.

I’m sure the local EVO, STi, and R32 guys are having a field day with this guy (Okay maybe not the R32 guys :stuck_out_tongue: )


haha what a dumbass…thats just asking for trouble!

hes from northcarolina :frowning:

and he probably would back down from a race anyways, as almost all srt4s in the area are too scared to play

but they all tried racing me when i had the protege’s…now they wont even look over at me :stuck_out_tongue: