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that’s a pretty soohisticated scam

Several years ago, I got a text from my sister asking if I was okay. Her and I don’t talk much so I just responded “yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” and she called me. She told me someone had called my grandmother pretending to be me and doing this same exact scam. Mind you, my grandmother was in the early stages of dementia at the time so the voice didn’t click to her. LUCKILY my sister happened to be with her when the call came and no money was sent. I was absolutely furious.

Edit: Did I miss it that the voice actually sounded his son? They use the broken nose situation to explain why they don’t sound right.

Yeah man. Wild stuff

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Google Gemini demo… :flushed:

Cool, but it needs to anticipate better. I think humans and even animals still have a distinct advantage in object recogniztion, as we dont really have to process about 80% of what we see.

There’s been some talk that the Gemini demo is misleading, and it actually took more steps for it to get those answers. But I have no idea. It’ll get there eventually.

In reality, that is a super easy video to fake, not saying it is fake but it wouldn’t be hard to do.

Yeah turns out that they were superprompting the AI and didn’t show it on video. So it’s misleading.

Also people have been attempting similar math calculations from paper and getting not so hot results.

No wonder Apple is mute on AI right now, lol

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