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This is a simple way to access Stable Diffusion:

It’s not the most impressive way to get results, but certainly good for the lolz.

Jeremy Clarkson driving a Prius

Taylor Swift riding an Elephant

V8 engine in a cheeseburger

“Joe Biden kissing Donald Trump in a snowstorm”

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message length

Shrek playing pickle ball

I broke it:

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That’s great.

Taylor Swift’s face on a hotdog

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I’m telling Erin that you’re still doing this with Taylor’s likeness. !!!

It’s a strange world…

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stop this.

Ok ok ok, I’ll stick to vehicles

“Miata with an ice cream paint job” :joy:

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Also, “Lena Dunham eating nine hotdogs”

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“Lena Dunham eating a hotdog on Mars”

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