I found it on the internet

Not sure what thread to inject this gold into so I made a new one.
This is something I came across after talking to my welders and pipe fitters.

It is very close to a documentary. Minus the aliens in episode 2.
Episode 3 is pretty good too. Tattoo is actually a real person.


Tour of the Peterson museum.

Man I have a vauge memory of being at this museum but can’t remember when.

I was working just outside LA ( Ell ehhhh) for a few weeks a while back and on my one day “off” I wanted to go there, but drove to palm springs for a
few hours instead. Palms to pines highway seemed like it would be more fun,

Someday I’ll get back there and hit the museum.

i guess this is where we put this stuff now?

anyways this sounds like about $30+ in ammo

I just had stuff did not seem to fit anyplace.

I wish the video was longer to see the police response time.

I really need to drink less before going on the internets.

Edit: pretty sure that gets people canceled these days

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So, my daughter got 40k likes on tiktok one daaayy…

But not for what you would think.

I dont get it.

I’m so confused lol

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Something about playing that song over the last video in your camera roll or something.

change of pace… seen a few things from this Dax dude… he’s for real

this is my fav from him but the vid quality isnt there

Those are not bad. Not my style though. I think I outgrew the rap scene in the early 2000’s. Now that they are teenagers, I’m only now letting old songs play on the radio :smiley: #iamold.

367k now. “You’re not gen Z. You won’t get it”

  • my daughter

And she’s right.

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When I have to google things I see on Instagram, I know I’m too old for this shit now.

Idk, I’ll just post this here:

Truly that brand is the arbiter of professionalism. A highly credible source. I’m sold.

Hot take: if my surgeon/financial advisor/mortgage officer, etc has non-natural colored hair, they clearly have a track record of making poor decisions to separate themselves from “normal” societal culture. I’ll pass on these cunts.

Hair is overrated.
That is all.

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yoooo… a citizen slaps Macron in the face…