Alfa Romeo 4C = Coming to America


watching the build video was AWESOME.


No flat colors for me. To much of a bitch to keep looking nice. Best of luck to anyone that gets a car in a flat color.

Car looks awesome. Not a fan of the headlights, but shit… can over look that for the rest of the car.

Now is this a newer model of the Alfa tested on Top Gear that they said was all looks and horrible in performance? Or am I thinking a higher end Alfa?

Edit: That was the 8c tested on topgear, really wonder how this performs.


looks cool but that model chick looks too big to fit, no way will I be able to enjoy this car


The chassis design is very similiar to that of the Elise, albiet CF instead of extruded aluminum…


Zender (not @Xander ) 4C:


that totally looks like a baby ferrari


Does look pretty sick with that kit, although it will need some serious power to back it up.




I love the fact that these don’t even have a power steering option :tup:


I like, except the headlights look like they have a blackhead problem.


Yeah, there is a better headlight option though:



Boooooo… Looks good, sounds good, but gone.

The 4C Coupe will be discontinued after its 2018 model year



Looks cool, nice bump. I didn’t cartch this before.