any parts car with tail lights that you dont need?

hi I am looking for the plugs for the tail lights for 240sx/180sx hatch.

if you have a parts car or know of any at at yard/wreckage like pick your part or car kashers let me know thanks.

looking for tail lights along with center piece.

I might have some. I will get back to you in a bit if I can find them.

I’ve got a full set of lights with center piece pm me with an offer…

i dont really need the tail lights. i just need the plugs with them but that pretty much renders the tal lights useless.

I have the right tail light. (Canadian passenger side) The light is cracked, but obviously you dont need that. $10?

yeah i dont need to light just the plug. $10 is good. by any chance would the junk yard have the left tail lights and centerpiece still?

I got nothing. I got pieces to make one but prob not worth your time. Just go to the junkers and call dave and you should be able to figure it out. Much luck!