Anyone have a carfax account?

Anyone? I will gladly shoot over $15-20 for a report but I don’t give nearly $40+ worth of shit


I do

@HouseS2K let me know how much you would want to run one for me

Trade me a stm shirt at the open house?

@HouseS2K not stm tuned if that’s what you’re thinking(?). stmotorsports was the name of a shop I had 10+yrs ago. The physical shop is long since closed down but kept the online business going. Just have the same sn still.

Oh hahah we’ll then nothing just post the vin


Thanks tons :+1:


@HouseS2K awesome man thanks tons again :+1:

I’d love to have an actual scanned copy of it to keep on file bc I’m likely picking the vehicle up this weekend. If you can shoot me a pdf or whatever I’d gladly paypal you a 12 pack’s worth for your trouble