anyone have a myspace profile that they dont want?

im tying to make a new myspace profile and group for some friends of mine, but when you make a new account, you have to wait 7 days to make a new group… but im american goddamn it, i want one now now now!!!

i know there are like a billion people who signed up and never made a profile or anything. rubicant, zerodaze, im looking at you…


props to zerodaze.

here is the sweet ass shit…

rofl at bowling ball hero

seriously, that guy is the fucking shit. he loves all my friends. the other guy in the black s really creepy and tried picking up walkers girl. but she was asking for it because she always dances with him…

80’s night is so fun…

hell of a time.
and if bitches don’t be actin right, they’ll get a double long island iced tea on their stupid head.

Gimme a playlist of songs i would expect to hear @ this get together.