anyone live near nyc and goes autoX often?

title says it all…

I do autoX often but not in NYC though. :smiley:

great… whole lot of good you are to me then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in White Plains this summer, so i’m fairly close to NYC, but I don’t auto-x too much around here. I might be able to help you though, what do you need?

someone to hang out with when i go, maybe give me some tips, take a pic or two

Krazyjon might know. He’s in your area.

did u post on

ive looked into it briefly, but i have no time to go, sooo busy wit work and i drive a pos ka now…

ill go with you if i can drive yo ka :wink: im sure i can give you some tips…

i do scca ny region in long island

way too many cars so its a long day but still really fun

i’m very newbish but i like it :slight_smile: