can we get this installed, its really fun and such a nice time killer :slight_smile:

what are you talking about?

link? :X

yes please elavorate :gotme:

Do you mean elaborate?

i seperate section of the board that is just what he asked for … an arcade … ive seen them on other boards

Hhahaha, Juan got pwn3d… :rofl:

vbulletin allows for an arcade plugin is a good example

lol… I have never used that section on any other forum I am on. I guess I could start though… and pwn you kiddies


Where’s the arcade on that site?

under quick links

yeah it’s definately fun, i second that :shoot:
especially if games are added every once in a while so we can compete with other members.
i usually give up after a game is out for a couple of months because i know someone else will have a crazy high score that i won’t be able to match.

On it’s way ladies and gents

oh hotTtness…games during work…YAYYYYYYYYY