c’mon fergits…skunk, get your ass outta bed or outta men or whatever and be there

yea yea…ill be there

2 on 2 showdown so far

I might show

ill be there, bandana and all


bump - errr body be there

bandana, oh shit now its prison rules

dont say that - skunk thinks that means he can put it in your butt

Shit, I’d totally love to play.

omg its HOT out, bring ur water

getting ready now… see ya guys there

ill make skunk gets a scrape or cut on his legs, then i will take pix

i went to shoot and faked a shot, skunk injurs himself blocking nothing. rotator cuff injury awwww

eat my balls… you’re lucky i played with a torn rotator cuff and all :lol:

im kind of sore. i ended up playing till 8:30pm- but anyways it was sweet… when are we playing again :smiley:

and someone bring a sling for skunk to use while he plays. :slight_smile:

haha i had fun but man i suck. went to the gym right after and between the two activities…im BEAT today

i might play tonite again