Bubble Girl *Time waster*


Pretty funny. If you think of it as a real person falling though it can get pretty intense

oh and you can drag her around too

:mad: Mine got stuck right away

You can drag her around. Point the cursor on her—> left click and hold—>drag around

it’d be more fun if she was hot, she just kinda looks like the mom from webster

Yeah I got her going… she wouldnt move for a minute there.
This makes me giggle.

lol. now think of her as someone you know falling

die roomate…hit those bubbles… I hate you…

Yeah it does feel better…too bad it’s not a hairy 28 year old fuckface…but still I like

i wish i could do this to my girlfriend some days!

eh id bang her if I was drunk and she was in many of the positions she lands in

:rofl: hahah im gonna tell her that too :wink:

i kidd i kidd…


i posted this link in a different thread days ago!

still fun for a couple minutes though

she has no butt!

yeah, where’s her ass…