car sig pics...

where does everyone find those sig pics of the front back and side view of their cars?

I know a bunch of people on here have them and I wanted to mess around with them with my GTi and e30…

They probably take them with what are commonly known as “Camera’s” Google camera to see what I am talking about. Go from there.

Honestly i don’t know what you are talking about. Can you post an example?

Ask mindless, that’s his.

oh a drawing?

hes talking about the little toon car things like I have.

Yes ive noticed them. They are without question the coolest thing ive seen in some time on the internet. I hope he finds a source to acquire such impeccable drawings.

based on the examples i have seen, ms paint lol


If your good at photoshop, or know someone that is, you can use that to “toon” a car.

take a hell of alot of time tho. If your not the best with that, crayons and a scanner could be your best shot lol. has neon templates that I used.I think if someone can go into psp and take the angles of the car,shrienk the picture of the car then add color to make it more toony,cause when I zoom in on them you can kinds see a regular car underneath.