Cheetahs are puzzys!

click on the link that says cheetahs are pussys and you will ROFL.

ROFL :lol:

I heard a mini-S going down the road the other day,sounds like 1/2 a cobra.



so i guess im the only one that doesn’t see the link…

no you’re not the only one …

Its up in the banner, you have to click on “click here” then the 4 minis come up, above the mini s hard top you will see a link for the car, it will change to cheetahs are pussys.

Is the Cheetah for sale, I think I would rather have that then the car :lol:

No, you have misunderstood the song. They mean Cheetahs are Pussies like Pussy Cat, you know like meow, ball of yarn, suacer of milk pussy. If you want to buy pussy as in vagina you will need to go up to the Falls.

Haha, that was interesting.

humorous for sure

mmm donuts

It was very annoying to get there…but it is pretty funny.

can’t corner for shit! :lol:

for those that don’t see it, it doesn’t show up in firefox…use IE