Chevy 8.5 ring and pinion gear set

Ring and pinion, Pinion has a new bearing on it. The gears were installed and driven around the block (ratio was not what the owner wanted). There made by Yukon Gear and Axle. The ring has 41 teeth and the pinion has 10. I am not to sure if thats 4:11 or 4:10 I would think 10 but I am not a expert.

$40 bucks, located in the south hills.

for 2 or three series carrier. get me a pic of the ring gear please.

i think i want these. what type of vehicle were they in?

box said caprice-impala, I will post a pic

up for pics

ill take em, i have money now and ill pay you tonight or pay pal you now

i’m supposed to meet him today for them waiting on the call now

damn you lol, def a smokin deal man… thanks for the heads up

SOLD to eurodad