Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot

this thing is awesome!!!

haha… sweet.

This name is a derivative of “Vanessa Cherryblossom”, the name given to a cockroach I had on a previous project. Unfortunately, I had to put Vanessa “to sleep” when I was travelling across the border from Canada into the United States: I was at risk of violating the Department of Homeland Security’s biological regulations.


good read :tup:

lol off that site :stuck_out_tongue:

"[Nikoli Tesla’s] sixteen-bug-power motor was, likewise, not an unqualified success. This was a light contrivance made of splinters forming a windmill, with a spindle and pulley attached to live June bugs. When the glued insects beat their wings, as they did desperately, the bug-power engine prepared to take off. This line of research was forever abandoned however when a young friend dropped by who fancied the taste of June bugs. Noticing a jarful standing near, he began cramming them into his mouth.

The youthful inventor threw up.’’

i hope the young friend was a frog or something.

eww…thats my beer pong ball

Looks like a good idea for future military combat.
We can kill the enemy with cockroach controlled equipment AND they can survive nuclear attacks.

^^^w0w, good call with the nuclear survival, but what about the robor itself? wouldnt that be destroyed?