cracking winrar password

hey guys,

i downloaded a 3.65gig copy of the wedding crashers, but the .rar is passworded and there isn’t a way for me to find it out

im sure there is someway of getting around this

maybe someone can help? :slight_smile:


That would be a good joke to play on the world. Share a huge file… the password protect it. Then only the real hakkaz can see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck buddy… not sure how you would be able to do that.

Have you searched for the password for this video?

check the .nfo

if not check google.

look on whatever torrent site you dled it from. most likely it would be listed in the description, or nfo file. some sites have forums, i’d search there too…

is it “movie”

also, the only ver of wedding crashers out there the quality sucks balls.

id wait a few for a good copy to come out.

movie is worth paying for honestly.

thanks for the help guys

ive seen the movie… twice in the theatre :wink:

and the version i downloaded is 3.65 gig so i expect it to be awesome ( or hope )

ill try the link in a second

edit: also there wasn’t an .nfo file, just a link to a webpage which was nothing but a virus :stuck_out_tongue:

its prolly svcd converted to dvd

send it to me

or just download passware, that will work… i have some better stuff here if you can get it here

:word:…they do usually list it


burn it to dvd and ill take a look at it.