Does anyone remember Ducktales??



ducktales was the shit haha

Jesus christ mingle…

Thanks for raping my childhood.

i was just talking about ducktales the other day actually

lol…i love ducktales


i wounder how much that gold is worth today?

that is terrible.

Another memory destroyed. Awesome :tup:


after reading the comments I refuse to watch and ruin my childhood.

yes I do. And it sucked.

At least I am good at something ha

And the show blew hard anyways.

But the video game was amazing :slight_smile:


that was hilarious

but no Launchpad McQuack? cmonnnnnnnn

HAHA that was fantastic!

That was Gizmoduck AKA fenton crackshell fucking faggot! Get your shit right.

I have every episode of Ducktales on DVD :slight_smile:

Same as Rescue Rangers and TaleSpin.

I am refusing to click the link from the responses alone in this thread.

I was sining the coo coo cola song to myself the other day…

ducktales and tailspin ruled